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tallyED Voter Scoring System: Defined

With two simple, publicly available data points, tallyED creates a 'voter score' for all registered Florida voters. The first data point — registration date — is the date the voter registered to vote in Florida. The second data point — or series of data points — is the voter history information, which is a record of each time a Florida voter casts their ...


What is tallyED.com?

The tallyED.com platform's mission is to provide voter education by organizing what candidates will appear on upcoming election ballots at each level of government: local, state and federal. tallyED.com provides a poll for each office up for election based on the user's split precinct where he/she is registered to ...


tallyED.com Blog Launch!

The “Biggest Election in History,” as candidates and political pundits say about the upcoming 2020 General Election, is 8 weeks away — 56 days! Here at tallyED.com, we are ramping up our data analysis and releasing new tools for candidates and voters in Florida to be prepared and educated for what is ahead. Our team’s daily internal conversations about anomalies ...