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Where does tallyED.com obtain Florida voter data?

Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” for a reason – near year-round sunshine, beautiful sunny beaches, warm weather, and publicly available voter data provided “in the Sunshine.” 

Wait, what?!? What does publicly available voter data “in the Sunshine” have to do with “The Sunshine State” anyway? 

Well, here’s a quick history lesson on the “Sunshine” Law in Florida courtesy of the Florida Attorney General. In short, public documents – unless otherwise exempted by the Florida Legislature – are available upon request by the public. Voter data is publicly available on the Florida Division of Elections website and upon request. Hence, that’s where tallyED.com gets this voter data. A word of caution - the files are loaded on a CD.

So, what type of information is included in this publicly available voter data from the Florida Division of Elections? In part, a voter’s first and last name, physical address, birthday, precinct, gender, race – as well as the voting history and method in which a voter cast a vote in a given election – Vote-by-Mail, Early Voting, or Election Day. 

tallyED.com’s proprietary system takes this publicly available data and turns it into an easily readable and viewable format on a user-friendly online platform to help inform voters about their precinct, their ballot, and candidates running for office – all for free. 

Why provide this information for free? Simple. tallyED.com wants to educate voters while providing an easy-to-use online platform for them to enhance their voice through public opinion pollstallyED’s Candidate Leaderboard, and votes for candidates (tallys) to turn those collective voices into actionable results at the ballot box. 

Why is this online platform different? Only registered Florida voters can participate on tallyED.com. No anonymous and/or fake accounts “rallying” the masses or juicing polling results. If you want to take advantage of tallyED.com’s free online tools, then you need to be a registered Florida voter…period. 

And just to be perfectly clear, tallyED.com DOES NOT sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties. Read the tallyED.com privacy statement in full.

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