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tallyED Analysts Discover Florida Voter Voted Twice in 2020 Primary Election

tallyED.com’s research analysts sift through voter data, voter history data, Vote-By-Mail data, Early Voting data, Election Day data and our own polling data on a daily basis. Data is the lifeblood of tallyED.com, and the foundation to provide an unbiased approach to evaluating current and upcoming races of interest. When an anomaly occurs, our analysts throw the red challenge ...


Florida General Election Vote-By-Mail Numbers - First Look!

The Florida Division of Elections released the first statewide and county vote-by-mail files for the 2020 General Election this week. The eye-popping 726,980 vote-by-mail request lead the Florida Democrats have over Florida Republicans is significant. (This data is taken from the 11:31AM statewide file that included 66 of the 67 counties in Florida – Calhoun County did not report a ...