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tallyED Analysts Discover Florida Voter Voted Twice in 2020 Primary Election

tallyED.com’s research analysts sift through voter data, voter history data, Vote-By-Mail data, Early Voting data, Election Day data and our own polling data on a daily basis. Data is the lifeblood of tallyED.com, and the foundation to provide an unbiased approach to evaluating current and upcoming races of interest. When an anomaly occurs, our analysts throw the red challenge flag. This week, we imported the Florida 2020 Primary Election Early Voting data into our system, and the challenge flag was thrown. 

According to the statewide Florida Early Voting file, Florida had a voter vote twice during the Early Voting period on two different dates at two different Early Voting locations in two different counties during the 2020 Primary Election. Both votes were counted in the 2020 Primary Election. Yikes! 

Florida Statute Chapter 104 Section 18 clearly prohibits “casting more than one ballot at any election.” A quick Google search reveals that this incident seems to have gone unnoticed by Florida’s politicos and media. Here are the details: As of the July 7, 2020, voter detail file from the State of Florida, a Leon County voter was registered and eligible to vote in the 2020 Primary Election. The voter voted early on August 10, 2020 at the FAMU Student Union Multi-Purpose Room C Early Voting Location in Leon County. The same voter then voted early on August 16, 2020, at the Bradham & Brooks Branch Library in Duval County by updating their address to a Duval County address, which is allowed unless you have already voted somewhere else in the same election. 

How a voter can vote twice in the same election when both Leon and Duval counties are using the same system — VR Systems (vrsystems.com) — is unimaginable. 

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