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50 Days Away from the 2020 General Election: Social Media

The countdown is on: We have 50 days until the 2020 General Election, and now is the time to start ramping up targeted social media content for your campaign in Florida. 

In Florida, Vote-By-Mail ballots will be sent out from the Supervisors of Elections between September 24 – 29. As of 8 a.m. Monday, Sept. 14, more than 4.8 million mail-in ballots have been requested statewide. 

With the expected increase of voters casting their votes via mail this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the time to go all-out with your digital messaging is right now. 

For the next few weeks, campaigns should target voters on social media who have requested mail ballots by creating a custom audience of those who have requested ballots. They are the ones who will be casting their votes first, and messaging to them consistently over the next 10-15 days will help your campaign be top-of-mind when they bubble in their ballots.  

Hyper-targeting voters who requested a Vote-By-Mail ballot will also help your campaign spend efficiently.  

As more Vote-By-Mail ballots are returned, campaigns should then reassess who they are targeting based on electorate statistics and voter history. Good news, you can track Early Voting and Vote-By-Mail returns with the tallyED Vote Tracker for any electorate by searching a candidate on our platform – for free. 

Spends on social media messaging is expected to be massive over the next two months. To track what candidates are spending on Facebook, you can view the Ad Library and search any candidate — federal, statewide and local — at this link

At tallyED.com, we continue to monitor and track the daily Vote-By-Mail requests as they come in statewide. We took our first look at the Vote-By-Mail numbers on the blog last week—breaking down what the numbers mean and why some votes had already been cast in at least one county. We will be tracking all 67 Florida counties with a focus on the Top 10 as Vote-By-Mail ballots start returning at the end of September. 

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