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What is tallyED.com?

The tallyED.com platform's mission is to provide voter education by organizing what candidates will appear on upcoming election ballots at each level of government: local, state and federal. tallyED.com provides a poll for each office up for election based on the user's split precinct where he/she is registered to vote. Our platform also allows users to voice their opinions on developing issues or current events in their communities, their state or at the national level with our Public Opinion polls.

tallyED.com's primary mission is to educate voters, tabulate votes (tallys), and present data on an intuitive and easy-to-use online platform. Further, tallyED.com would like to fill the unbiased data and research gap that many voters seek when making informed decisions about their candidates for elected positions.

tallyED.com has built a proprietary research arm that aggregates articles that mention a current candidate running for office from more than 200 news sites throughout Florida. Each candidate running for office has their own candidate page where these articles are available to read and share on social media under the News tab. tallyED.com has reviewed millions of articles and continues to identify relevant candidate articles daily.

Over the next few months, tallyED.com will be releasing new tools that will provide precinct and district level data to our users, as well as opportunities for voters to support their preferred candidates to bring home a 'W' on Election Day. 

Any registered voter in Florida is eligible to create an account at https://tallyed.com/Signup/Index. Protected voters in Florida are unable to create an account on tallyED.com because their voter information is not in the Florida voter database. 


tallyED.com is available to any non-protected voter in Florida (and several other states) to view their personalized ballot with the offices up for election and the candidates vying for those positions. Each user can cast their vote (tally) for their preferred candidate and view the topline demographics of other users who have already cast their vote in the same race.

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